Integrity will give peace,
justice will give lasting security.
My people will live in a peaceful country.
The Book of Isaiah

If your enemy should incline to peace,
Do thou incline to peace also,
And trust in God;
for He is the Hearing,
the All-Knowing.
The Quran

Blessed are the peacemakers
for they shall be called the children of God.

The Gospel of Matthew

Peacemakers in the Holy Land Tour

Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee, Israel

A Life-changing Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Holy Land
to Meet and Worship with Abrahamic Peacemakers

This is a Custom Tour that is designed and scheduled for your spiritual community


Truly the tour of a lifetime, the Peacemakers in the Holy Land Tour provides a unique opportunity to deepen and broaden one's spiritual life while supporting the lives, work, compassionate philosophy and accomplishments of Jews, Muslims and Christians working to create a network of life between all people in Israel and Palestine.

Join Imagine Adventures as we sojourn with two remarkable Jerusalem Peacemakers: Eliyahu McLean, ordained as a Rodef Shalom (Pursuer of Peace) by Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, and Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Bukhari, spiritual leader of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order. We will be joined by many people working for peace and religious understanding. Encounter the vision and purpose of men and women who, against all odds, are passionately devoted to the way of peace.

Spiritual inspiration, cultural insight and personal discovery await us. One of the many highlights of the journey will be our participation in the 3-day Sulha Way gathering that brings Jews, Muslims and Christians together to celebrate shalom/salam/peace through the sharing of stories, breaking bread together, and celebrating in creative ways our unity and diversity. This transformative journey to the holy land will enrich our lives and support the work of tikkun (repair of the world) through active participation in peacemaking work.