Tour Leaders

Tour Leaders


Steve Scholl, Tour Leader

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music
Gnaoua World Music Festival

Our tour leader, Steve Scholl, lived for a year in the Middle East while doing his graduate studies in Islamic mysticism and philosophy. He returned to North Africa in 2005 to attend the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music where he met Eliyahu McLean and Sheikh Abdu’l-Aziz Bukhari. Steve is a writer and lecturer on religion.


Eliyahu McLean, Tour Leader

Jerusalem Peacemakers in the Holy Land Tour

Eliyahu is a Jewish peacemaker living in West Jerusalem. He was ordained by his spiritual teacher, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, as Rodef Shalom, or Pursuer of Peace. Eliyahu works and prays with people of all beliefs and he speaks out internationally for reconciliation in the Holy Land.

Sheikh Abdu’l-Aziz Bukhari, Tour Guide

Jerusalem Peacemakers in the Holy Land Tour

Sheikh Bukhari is one of a long line of Sufi leaders going back centuries. He is a leader of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order and has traveled the world promoting interfaith dialogue with religious leaders and ordinary people of all persuasions. He lives with his family in the Old City of Jerusalem.


Linda Alper, Tour Leader


Linda Alper is a passionate traveler and Italiaphile. She has traveled in Italy a dozen times, including a residency as a guest artist at the American Academy in Rome and several courses at Italiaidea, an esteemed roman language school.

In her American life, Linda has been a leading actress and teacher with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for over twenty years. For OSF, she has co-translated and played the leads in two southern Italian plays, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Napoli Milionaria!

Linda is especially enamored with southern Italy and likes to travel off the beaten path. She loves the region of Puglia for it’s food, friendliness, spectacular and otherworldly architecture, amazing color and light, and gorgeous open spaces.

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